Argan Liquid Hand soap

€10,95 EUR


Treat your hands to the luxurious cleansing experience they deserve with our Argan Oil Liquid Hand Soap.

Infused with nourishing Argan oil, this gentle formula leaves your hands feeling soft and moisturized, without leaving a sticky residue. The beautiful glass bottle, decorated with intricate copper engraving in a traditional Moroccan style, adds a touch of elegance to your sink.

The soap's delicate lather is perfect for everyday use and is gentle enough for all skin types. Upgrade your hand washing routine and try our Argan Oil Liquid Hand Soap today

Key Ingredients: 

Argan Oil: has many health benefits, and the most prominent is that It contains Essential Nutrients and Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Properties, which make it a good treatment for some skin conditions and Reduce Signs of Skin Aging




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