10 Facts you didn‘t know about Morocco

We come to you with some amazing facts about a country is genuenally magical and phenomenal, lying at the meeting point of north Africa and Europe with mix through time with Roman, Arab, French, Spanish and many other cultures. Morocco represent us with an extremely rich cultural and historical Heritage.that honettsly it was tough choosing just 10 Facts about it 

1. Hollywood Of Africa

Morocco is one of the Most popular film settings in the world.

If you are Game of Thrones fan then you have unknowenbly been to the Dazzling Land as most of the scenes in the continent of Essas and the constituent of Done were shot in Morocco and even if you are not a fan of the most viewed show in history then you must have stumbled upon at least one of the many European and Hollywood movies that were shot in Morocco, like Mission Impossible, Babel, Kingdom of Heaven, The Mummy Returns or Simply one of the most highly rated movies of all time Casablanca.

Even Bollywood has come to realize the visual Marvels that Morocco‘s natural landscape and archetypal Middle Eastern Essence Provide and is starting to follow sweet.

Ouarzazat Studios, Hollywood in morocco


2. Stunning Mixture Of Cultures

For a country with a size 274 460 sqare miles ( 710 850 km² ) Morocco‘s culture diversity is nothing short of astonishing althouth its population is mainely classified into Arabs and Amazigh.

With Arabic and Amazigh languages being the main tongues spoken in the country. when you moved from an area to another you might feel like you‘ve passed into another country, and Here is an example: 

In the capirtal city Rabat you would feel like you‘re walking somewhere in Lyon in France then as you move to the north this french influence replaced by an Andalusian Spirit to the extent theat, most northern moroccans speak spanish.

As a matter of fact an everyday moroccan is likely to be speaking at least 3 languages natively that diversity even showns in the Festivals and Musíc played in each area.

Moroccan Souk

3. The First Country to Recognize the USA

As the American Revolution began and the U.S Merchant ships for getting attacked by Pirates in the Atlantic, Sultan Mohamed 3d annouced in December of 1777 that any American Merchant Ship was under his protection. 

The Moroccan- American Treaty of Friendship signed in 1786 is today the US‘s oldest kept Friendship treaty.

Tangier American Legation museum

4. Moroccan Hammam (Bath) 

Very Few People in Morocco, Take a bath in their own private baths. 

the Normal for Moroccans is to bath in the iconic Hammams , Theses baths are segregated and women tend to socialize their.

A visit to one of these Baths with their body vitializing massage is enough to make you come out feeling Brand New.

You can also visit some of the high-end Hammams and there you are up for some real Royal Treatment 

Moroccan Luxury Hammam

5. The Oldest University in the World

Morocco‘s University of Quaraouiyin is the Oldest in the world, it was founded in the 859 in Fes, and is currently the oldest operating educational institutions worldwide.

This institution was the starting point for some of the greatest Minds in human history most significant among which is the historian and philosopher IBN KHALDOUN, best known for his book"AL MUQADIMA" or "PROLEGOMINA" which greatly influenced most of the later studies of sociology and history that followed it. 

And beside that the university had granted one of its students the oldest known and documented Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree delivered in the world.

Al Qaraouyine University

6. The Thuya Wood‘s Land

The rare Thuya wood only morocco Possesses has been confetted since Roman times. That a rare type of wood can only found in the western foot Hills of the Atlas Mountains.

And if you are a fan of Rolls-Royce automobiles you would be interested in knowing that was the first boiled wood to be used by Rolls-Royce in producing luxury dashboards for their cars.

Thuya wood has basically always been synonymous with wealth and luxury.

Thuya Wood Art

7. The Second Oldest Dynasty In The World

Morocco is Rulled by the Second Oldest Reigning Dynasty in the World after Japanese Dinasty

the Current Moroccan King Mohammed VI is the 23rd King from the house of Aloui which came to Royal Morocco in the year 1631. Which claims decent from the islamic Prophet Muhammed 

Moroccan Royal Family

8. A source of Good Wine For 2000 years

Morocco has been a source of good wine for 2000years. The Romans were the first to produce wine their, then The Wineyards were shut down around the 7th century when Islam entrend the country. However  the French revived the Wineyards when their occupation of Morocco Began. 

"Boulouan Vin" a Moroccan Rose has been for years one of the best-selling wine brands in France and elsewhere in Europe.

Moroccan wineyard

9. More than 10% of Moroccan Expats

According to the Government‘s estimate 4.5 million out of Morocco‘s Population of 36 million which is 12% of the total Population live somewhere out of 100 countries around the world.

France hosts the Lion‘s Share of Moroccan expats, with a Moroccan Community amounting to around 1.5 million making up to 2.3% of French resident population.

Some of those Moroccan expats were able to rise to prominent status, in their host countries such as curent French educational Minister "Najlaa Belkacem" and Labor minister in the same cabinet "Meryem ALkanomry" and Famous French Comedian "Jamal Debouz" among many others 

Tangier Med Port

10. The World‘s Second Best Food Destination

Morocco has one of the best cuisines in the world

If there is one thing that every visitor to Morocco could testify to without dispute is the mouth-watering cuisine this country has.

No matter what your taste in food is like between the Coucous, Tagines, Bastilla, and the various other Gourmet pleasure you can find here in morocco.

Morocco is the perfect destination for your taste base. Moroccan cuisine was actually ranked the second best destination for food in 2015 and you are likely to find Moroccan cuisine restaurants stuffed to their fullest with Customers in many Europians cities

Moroccan Tagine


With so many things to know and see in this magical land, it is hard not to be tempted to pay and visit and get to indulge in its culture historical and natural Allure