10 minutes of meditation on gratitude can do wonders for your relationships.

People who provide meaning to our lives are sometimes the very ones we unintentionally push away. Because of our increasingly complex and time-consuming technologies and occupations, we are less able to fully experience the richness of the moments that make up our lives. Develop an attitude of thankfulness in just 10 minutes with the help of this concise meditation session.

An attitude of thankfulness is a cornerstone of optimism and contentment. The feelings of appreciation we have for ourselves and the others in our lives are the seeds from which love and connection grow. Sometimes we need to stop, take stock of our mental and emotional states, and re-root ourselves in the here and now.

Your feelings of thankfulness and need to reestablish your connection with yourself and the people around you will grow after this session of meditation focused on the connection with others. Follow these gentle guidelines, and you'll start appreciating the qualities you admire most in yourself, in other people, and in the world.

The feeling of thankfulness will fill you after only 10 minutes. Want to try out this life-changing meditation? 

The app "Head Space" is recommended since it will teach you the basics of meditation and make it so you can practice on your own.

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